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Gift to Gaia // Christmas Time 2-CD Bundle

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Gift to Gaia

Original 20-year anniversary Compact Disc with 8-panel Artwork by Kirk Reinert

The original 20-year anniversary Compact Disc with beautiful 8-panel artwork by American artist and Executive Producer Kirk Reinert. Released exclusively in Japan in 2000, selling thousands of copies, now obtained from Harmony Art USA for sale worldwide.

If you like New Age music from the 80's and 90's such as Patrick O'Hearn, Mike Oldfield, and Karl Jenkins' Adiemus, then hopefully you'll like this music from award-winning composer, recording artist, and performer Andrew Colyer.

Written between 1998-2000, the album was produced by Lilli Farrell, featuring artwork from Executive Producer Kirk Reinert. The music was written and arranged specifically to be a "soundtrack" for Kirk's artwork, and for the Japanese audience where Kirk has been one of the top-selling artists for over 25 years.

The instrumentation that Andrew used for the album includes:
--1908 Steinway "Vertegrande"
--Roland RD-300
--Roland JX-1
--Roland Sound Canvas
--Kawai K4 Sound Module
--Boss DR-660 Rhythm Composer

Track 3 - "Winter Reflections" is the only solo piece on the album. All other tracks have additional instrumentation.

Tracks 9 and 10 - "Synchronicity" into "Aurora Dream" - were recorded on the first take, one long 20-minute recording without stopping.

released November 10, 2000

All music written and performed by Andrew Colyer
Arrangements by Andrew Colyer and Lilli Farrell
Produced by Lilli Farrell
Executive Producer - Kirk Reinert

All piano tracks were recorded live
Percussion on "Skywatchers" by Gary Burke
Effects on "Synchronicity" by Frank Moscowitz
Creative Input on "The Call" and "Synchronicity" by Kirk Reinert

Written and recorded at Inner Nova Studios and Harmony Art Studios, USA, Red Hook, New York

Mixed and Mastered by Frank Moscowitz at Nevessa Production, Woodstock, New York

Paintings by Kirk Reinert
Album artwork direction and design by Kirk Reinert
Additional layout and design by Leon Kouyoumjian

A very special thanks to Yoshie Sunada for her support

Christmas Time CD

This album was a Global Music Awards Bronze Medal Award Winner, in two categories: album/new release and holiday music.

Comes in a beautiful gatefold digipack, with artwork by Circuline's Darin Brannon. The colorful CD looks very cool with the "AC" logo embedded on it 😀

This album is a dangerous experiment! Natalie Brown said, “I wish everyone could hear what I hear when you are just noodling around.” So in the spirit of creative spontaneity, we have captured the first improvisations of all of these pieces. Without arrangement, without thought, without refinement. Here it is, warts-and-all! I hope you enjoy this collection of traditional and new music, no matter how you celebrate your holiday.

Released November 16, 2018

Recorded on a Yamaha 6’1” acoustic piano, engineered by Edwin Dolinski. Mixed and mastered by Alek Darson. Artwork by Darin Brannon. Cover image by Smit/Shutterstock. Back cover photo by Greg Thompson Photography. Inside spread photo by Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock. Copyrighted songs licensed through

This album is dedicated to Natalie Brown - without her, it would not exist.